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Ultralights In the Philippines


Ultralights In the Philippines
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Island Ultralights - Manila Philippines

How it all started


Ultralight flying in the Philippines did not start until the early 1990s when a group of americans based in the central luzon area organized a flying club with surplus planes from Taiwan. The club has since moved to its new home in Magalang and boasts of worldclass facilities. At the moment there are two ultralight clubs in the Philippines, one in Luzon (the Anageles City Flying Club) and the other in Cebu. With ultralight flying gaining popularity in recent years, it will be no surprise if more clubs will be organized.

The X-Air

After researching ultralights for 2 years, I settled on the X-Air. The X-Air is a French designed 3-Axis ultralight. It comes in kit form and builds very quickly. I completed my plane in 4 months of partime work, mostly done in my garage at first then moved to the hangar for final installation of engine and instruments.