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Aviation has always been my love and passion. Thanks to a very understanding family. Without their understanding and support my aviation pursuits would still have been a dream.
Last May, after years of research, I arrived at a decision to build an X-Air. The X-Air is 450 kg. sport aircraft made out of aluminum tube and pre-sewn dacron fabric. I built it in my garage partime for a period of 4 months. Final setup and engine installation was done at our club's hangar. Test flight was done last Sept 30, 2003. After all the bugs have been ironed out, the plane has given all but pure fun. I now have 17 hours on it and expect to log more in the near future 

My X-Air qualified as an EAA Centennial Homebuilt. Click here to view.


This picture was taken after my successful test flight last September 30, 2003

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